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Date Enhancement
10/21/2007 Added page for creating a new account. It requires an email address for a user ID. It checks the format of the user ID to make sure it conforms to xxx@xxx.xxx looking for "@" and "." characters. It then checks to make sure that an account does not already exist for that email address.
10/6/2007 Added Login page. All pages now make sure the user has logged in before processing. If not, the user is directed to the Login page. This prevents anyone from hacking into the middle of the process without logging in. Valid users are dhr1/dhr1TTB and hcs0/hcs0TTB. Also changed the tool selection page so that the user ID is no longer collected and the tools are listed in a table with links.
8/1/2007 Added document for tool 1 with if logic created from Microsoft Word.
7/7/2007 Added capability to download generated documents to Microsoft Word.
6/5/2007 Added output document for Project Portfolio Tool. It includes a chart of projects showing cost/benefit relationship. Chart uses Fusion Charts.
4/13/2007 Added project portfolio tool. Added feature to specify an ASP page to generate a document for a tool.
9/30/2006 Added support for repeating pages. Database structure change to identify pages that repeat and provide a repeat page type. Session variable names were changed to include an occurrence number to support the repeating page.
7/27/2004 Updated database structure for improved database access performance and changed all of the programs to use the new structure. Fixed a few bugs found during testing. Added detailed comments to all programs.
5/16/2003 Added database checkout tool so that we can set up in the database who has the database reserved for changes. Select the DB Checkout tool with dhr1 as the user. Select the Database checkout usage and continue to the first page of questions. Select your name to indicate that you are checking out the database.
Also made the following changes.
  • Made the questions blue and bold.
  • Added a question explanation to the database that is displayed under the question.
  • Fixed formatting on review screen when question is blank.
  • Added substitution string capability for the tool use name <~Tool_Use_Name~> in the generated document.
5/1/2003 Worked with Harold to add Project Kickoff Tool to the database. Also, cleaned up some text on the start page as well as some text formatting on the question page.
4/29/2003 Fixed the following bug. When changing checkbox answers for a tool usage, get an error indicating that when trying to delete an answer from the database, it was already deleted. I believe this bug was causing the syntax error that Seth encountered.
4/22/2003 Added capability to generate documents from the database based on the answers to the questions provided by the user. The database has been loaded with test three documents for Tool #1. For questions that use a text box or text area control, the database can be set up to substitute the user's answer to the question for the literal <~Answer~> where it is found in the document snippet.

Found a bug. When changing checkbox answers for a tool usage, get an error indicating that when trying to delete an answer from the database, it was already deleted. Will start to work on fixing this bug.
4/10/2003 Fixed issues where session information was not being cleaned up properly.

Added a page showing a list of documents associated with the tool. The user can select a document from the list and the document is generated and displayed. Currently, the generated document is simply showing the document ID.
3/29/2003 Added a "review information" screen at the end of the question/answer flow. After the user answers the questions and clicks finish, the review answer screen is displayed showing all of the questions and the answers given by the user. The user has the choice to return to the questions, get out of the tool or to continue. Continue right now just takes you back to the tool selection screen.

Added a popup dialog when the user clicks on the copy link to copy a tool usage. On that dialog the user can choose to copy forward the tool usage name and description or start fresh with empty fields.

Previously fixed problem where a user did not have a previous usage of a tool, the "new" option was not displayed so the tool could not be used. Now the "new" option will always be available.
3/14/2003 Completed the code for storing user's answers to the tool questions. The user can modify a usage of a tool, copy a usage to a new usage of the tool or start new. The user can page back and forth between pages of the tool questions. Answers will be retained so that if you return to a page the answers you put in will show. When the user clicks finish, the answers are stored in the database. At this point, the user is returned to the tool selection page until future enhancements are made. The user can then select the same tool and tool usage occurrence and see the answers entered.